Are you accepting new patients? How do we join the practice?

Yes, for the time being we are once again accepting new patients, but this may change as we always strive to match the number of our patients to our current capacity. This ensures the lowest possible wait times and quickest access to your care. Please visit the New Patient page for more information or Contact Us if you are interested in joining the practice.

Do you offer evening / weekend hours?

We do offer limited appointments during the evenings, Monday through Thursday.  In addition, we see our patients on the weekends for urgent problems. We strive to keep our patients out of urgent care clinics and emergency rooms whenever possible.

Do you have walk-in appointments?

No, we do not believe walk-in appointments are an efficient use of your time. In many other practices, "walk-in" often means "walk-in and wait." Instead, we keep same day, sick visit appointments open so that you are typically offered an appointment time within a couple hours of calling. This way you know what time you can actually expect to see the doctor, and we are able to limit your waiting time.

What is your vaccine policy?

We strongly support the current CDC and AAP guidelines for routine childhood immunizations and believe they are vitally important to keeping your child safe and healthy.  We do not recommend the use of modified or delayed vaccine schedules as these have been shown to increase the risk of illness, side effects, and medication errors.

Do you have separate sick / well waiting rooms?

No. First, we try to limit the amount of time our patients need to be in the waiting room at all. Second, studies have shown that separate sick/well waiting rooms do not reduce the transmission of illness in pediatric offices. The most important factor in limiting this risk is that our staff washes hands before and after every patient interaction.

COVID UPDATE (as of June 2022):

Masks are still required to be worn at all times while in our office. You may now enter through the front door and into the waiting room to check in without calling first from the car.

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